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In North Korea, the amount of anti-American propaganda that is steadily fed to the populace is overwhelming.  In the following Huffington Post article, correspondent Jean H. Lee outlines how this indoctrination starts as early as kindergarten.  A very fascinating read about how children are taught to hate.

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For a brief but clear timeline of the events leading up to the Korean War and the formation of North Korea, check out the attached video, from the documentary film Kimjongilia.  To see the film in its entirety, check out THIS blog post.

The clip in the below video, cued to start as the timeline begins, lasts roughly two and a half minutes.   (If the video does not cue up at the right point, then fast forward to 2:33 and watch until about 4:52)  The timeline acts as a pretty great overview for those unfamiliar with the history of the Korean peninsula over the past hundred yeas or so.

Or, if you’d prefer to read a lengthy timeline and study up on the history in more detail, then see the fantastic detailed timeline, as compiled by BBC News.

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